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A Bunch of Crap About Me: Part the second

It’s Friday! I don’t think I deserve to think anymore today than I already have … so therefore I bring you:

100 Things About Me: #21-40

(Which might be amusing, because I’m drinking prosecco!)

  1. I’m seriously double-jointed. (Yes, that is a medical term!) You can bend my fingers as if they had no bones — though maybe a little cartilage. In our country, we call them Salad Fingers!
  2. The real Salad Fingers scares the bejeezus out of me. (Just wait till the episode with the oven. JUST. YOU. WAIT.)
  3. I used to play violin for money.
  4. And briefly in a goth band.
  5. I also used to draw.
  6. And sing.
  7. And act.
  8. I abandoned many talents out of boredom, laziness, and/or sheer lack of discipline.
  9. I have a wonderful habit of leaving my clothes in the dryer … for days!
  10. My boyfriend loves me very much!
  11. I’m a good cook. That’s probably why.
  12. I also have a phenomenal rack!
  13. I have been to Europe, Asia, and Africa, but I’ve never seen California.
  14. Sometimes I accidentally write emo lyrics without even noticing. A blessing and a curse!
  15. I like my meat raw and bloody.
  17. I can’t touch my toes.
  18. But I do NOT have seasonal allergies!
  19. I have a very malleable personality. I can comfortably converse with The Dude at the Party who Everyone Hates for an hour … but so help me god I won’t like it.
  20. I’m the only artsy freak I know who thinks she looks better blonde … and tanned.

Oh, getting to know myself. Such a long, crazy journey. May we never reach the end, my friend!

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