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ZipWhip: Coming soon to a parking lot near you!

Yo, homies! Lookin’ for a dope whip but not lookin’ to commit? Don’t go to this guy’s website. Look no further than ZipWhip … because you don’t want no Jetta or Prius from ZipCar when you’re cruisin’ some strip tryin’ to scope some honeys.

All ZipWhip rides are tricked out thusly:

Souped Up Bass
Sweet Rims
Neon Undercarriage
Illegal Tints

And we offer the following dope ass models!

Chevy Impala
Monte Carlo
Chevy Caprice
Chevy Impala
Pontiac Bonneville
Chevy Impala
Chevy Impala

ZipWhip offers the most competitive rates in the industry: Dime bags, bling, and bottles of ‘Tron are accepted (and encouraged) as currency!

So the next time you’re looking for a dope ride and you’re not going to Whole Foods, Ikea, or Rockport, consider ZipWhip for your temporary vehicular needs. Your reputation and/or rap career will thank you!

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