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MC Lorcasaur on the mic!

I am so nervous about performing my Cherry Blossom Rap this evening! Especially now that Rob has told me that I have no flow.

He thinks he has flow.


Anyway, since not everyone will be privileged enough to attend my exclusive debut this evening, I feel it’s only fair that I share my lyrical genius here. After all, the lyrics are the best part due to my unfortunate lack of flow.

Please to enjoy:

My 2009 Cherry Blossom Rapstravaganza!

I was walkin’ through the ‘hood and my feets were cold
Thought we said goodbye to winter; that shit’s gettin’ old
I turned onto Putnam wishin’ I had a drink
When out the corner of my eye I see a splash of pink

A scrawny little tree, full of cherry blossoms
Though I was pissed I said, “This shit is awesome.”
‘Cause everybody knows it’s a sure sign of spring
when even crappy trees are decked out in bling.

Them blossoms may be pretty, but they also mean stuff
They can make you philosophical when times get rough
I think of all my homies who went down the wrong path
Hangin’ out with gangs or gettin’ too into math

They had beautiful lives and they shoulda been cool
But they turned into dicks by hangin’ out with tools
I thought we were friends until they dissed my ass
They said our time was done, I was livin’ in the past


Life is short on the Cambridge streets
Cherish every moment that you’re on your feet
‘Cause in an instant you could be on your knees
Lost on the wind like a blossom from a tree

Life is short and the blossoms die
You miss your homies, and the cold makes you cry
In the springtime you feel you’re alive
Cherish the promise when the blossoms arrive


I said “screw ‘em” but I didn’t mean dead
Brought down by equations or a shot to the head
But that’s how it went down, and I miss ‘em like flowers
Closing down their petals in their very final hours.

Springtime comes, and it’s fleeting at best
So enjoy the pretty weather ‘till it’s time to rest
Before you know it you’ll be freezing and sad
You shoulda drank outside before that shit got bad

So when winter’s over and the trees turn pink
Go to Putnam Ave and take a moment to think
Don’t start to suck – just let life be awesome
Don’t become compost like the cherry blossoms.

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  1. linley April 17th, 2009 3:35 pm

    That just spoke to my soul.

    Is it weird that I totally had Michael Scott as “Prison Mike” in my head as I read that?

    I’m so glad I stayed away from those math kids in high school. That shit’s shady. Imagine where I’d be today….

  2. Sada April 18th, 2009 7:13 pm

    If there’s not a YouTube video of this, I might cry.

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