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The Death Knell of Summer

And so it begins. The June Bugs are clicking away outside (I think I just heard three at once), and evening temps are back in the 60s. Every year that sound makes me wonder why the hell I still live in such an unforgiving wintertime place — and while there are legitimate answers to that question, they don’t do much to appease me when my favorite time of year is coming to an end. I hate being cold. Warm clothes cost more. And — what it all comes down to — I don’t like leaving the house when it makes my face hurt.

Time for a countdown of what I’ll miss most about this particular summer!

End of Summer Appreciation Countdown: 2008

10. Early Release Fridays at work. Granted, it doesn’t happen every week, but when it does it makes the rest of the year worthwhile. The best part is how I choose to spend them: lunch at Les Zygomates followed by a stroll downtown and shopping. Try that in the winter.

9. I stayed in shape! Counterintuitive though it may be, I typically work out like hell when it’s crappy outside, only to fall off the wagon when faced with sunshine. This summer I kept it up. Not that I look good in a bikini, but still: go, me!

8. Awesome Central Square fights. Unfortunately, the amazing Soda Fight of 2008 was not recorded by any media (that I know of), but others sure were. Those non-denominational raceless dudes sure were angry this year!

7. St. Germaine. The “It” booze o’ the summer! A splash in a gin & tonic on a hot day? Not nearly as beautiful in November.

6. The Time Our Friends Made Us Lobster. Remember that, guys? We liked it. We’d eat it any time, really.

5. Those stupid gauzy skirts that got popular. Sure, I only wore the orange one once, but the white one got more mileage than Rob’s car. And I only spent $20 at Target!

4. Beers outside. This is self-explanatory.

3. Creative summertime food. This year I made variations on calamari salad and the best salad I’ve ever made. I’ll miss those when I’m back to craving pasta with meat sauce and/or mushroom ragout.

2. Vacation. Sure, we only went to Connecticut. But it was the first week Rob and I have ever spent out of Boston together, and despite the occasional strife, it was worth it.

1. Barbecues in our back lot. All those dudes baking on the asphalt eating my Nana’s famous potato salad and disgustingly fatty meats. Can we squeeze one more of those in, please?

And yes, there are other events that deserve honorable mention — like Gymkata Night, the Mount Auburn Cemetery, and some fun shows and parties — but we can recreate those at any time of year.

Summer, don’t leave me yet. You’re not even dead and I already miss you.

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