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Googly Eyes: Transforming Crap into Dudes Since 2006

Anyone with a keen eye who’s ever been to my house (or moved into my old apartment!) is well aware of my affection for googly-eye vandalism. Ever since I discovered this tome at a museum a couple of years ago, I’ve been transforming everyday crap into lovable little scamps — the coffee maker, doorknobs, vacuum-sealed pickles, signs in Somerville, soap … you know, the usual stuff.

Today was supposed to be apple-picking day, but unfortunately a fellow picker wasn’t feeling well, so we postponed. As a non-baker, I didn’t really care about the apples — but I had high hopes of discovering the perfect warty gourd to become my newest googly friend. Oddly enough, Shaw’s supermarket came to the rescue!

Meet Nestor, with and without precarious jaunty cap:
Nestor, precariously capped
We don’t need no stinkin’ precarious cap!

I love Nestor. As soon as he was googlied, we knew that he needed a smart scarf. That’s his style, man.

This story is bittersweet, however. As my googly bible only came equipped with about 100 self-stick eyes, my supply is woefully finite. The good folks at Klutz are generally fantastic about selling replacement supplies for their various little crafting books — but when I emailed them regarding the googly eyes, they devastated me by informing me that the book is OUT OF PRINT. The hell?! As I am the product of a Klutz-entertained childhood, I can say from experience that this was one of the best. Perhaps some parents weren’t as thrilled with the idea of a googly house as I was? Commies.

There is hope, however. While previous internet searching for self-stick googlies proved fruitless, I was slightly more successful tonight. I’m not a fan of these colored specimens, but I’m confident now that a new trend has taken hold and I’ll be able to find the classic white ones eventually.

Here’s to hoping! In the meantime, Nestor and I will be hanging out in my kitchen. He’s an excellent conversationalist and a true style icon.

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